Blender bottle Classic Shaker by GLP - Stainless Steel - Double-Layered, Vacuum, Insulated Bottle - BPA & Phthalate Free - Wide Mouth Bottle


Our Go Lean Pro Blender Bottle Classic Shaker is vacuum-sealed to ensure there is no form of contact from within and outside the bottle. This stainless-steel shaker is better than regular water bottles. Stainless steel bottles are double-walled and are designed to retain the temperature of whatever you're drinking, keeping your cold drinks cold and your drinks hot for hours.

Double-Layered Insulation:
Our go leans pro blender bottle classic shaker features double-layered, vacuum-insulated construction, designed to keep beverages cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12 with our exclusive Therma-Swell Technology. Each water bottle features patterns and textures, all while delivering superior functionality And Hand-wash only.

No Sweat & No-Burn:
Due to the double-wall, vacuum insulation the heat or cold is slightly transmitted through to the next layer but stops in the airtight space and does not affect the outer wall temperature. This keeps the beverage at a desired temperature inside the drinking vessel. The sock will absorb the sweat and will also help keep your drink cold longer.

Durable & Unbreakable:
Our lightweight yet rugged stainless water bottle is crafted of eco-friendly premium stainless steel. Completely shatterproof, it replaces those impossibly fragile glass bottles for glass-free zones and child-attended events. In addition, its odor, smudge, and rust-resistant. The Bottles combine durability and practicality with a fresh, modern look we know you’ll love.

Easy to Use:
With its minimalist design, one-push-to-open lid, and rounded handle, the kid's water bottle is designed for ease of use. It features a hidden carabiner, so it can be hung anywhere, and the drinking spout is simple to adjust. With one hand operation, you can open and close this stainless-steel water bottle very quickly.

  • BPA & Phthalate Free: Our Blender Bottle Classic Shaker to beverage makers and pitchers, as well as a variety of product accessories. Our Go Lean Pro stainless-steel blender bottle helps you stay cool, refreshed and phthalate for an active.
  • 24 Hours Cold & 12 Hours Hot: Go lean pro blender bottle classic shaker design of double-wall vacuum insulation technology can keep heat for up to 12 hours and keep cold for up to 24 hours. The steel blender bottle can keep warm for up to 12 hours.
  • Insulated Spout Lid: This stainless-steel blender bottle comes with an innovative leakproof insulated spout lid that allows for easy one-handed drinking or pouring. It features a hinge lock that keeps the cap out of your way while drinking.
  • Built to Last: This stainless-steel bottle is tough enough for any adventure! Whether you’re hiking on a trail, practicing your yoga at the gym or catching swell waves, your hydro canteen is the best sports water bottle.
  • For Every Activity: Our go lean pro drinking bottle is great for school children and active women alike, as it can be used at school, at the gym or the office, and it is absolutely essential for camping trips, sports events and biking.

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