Green Coffee Bean Extract by GLP – Contain 50% GCA - Promotes Heart Health & Helps in Reducing Weight - 60 Capsules


Go Lean Pro Green Coffee Bean Extract helps you reach your ideal weight goals. It promotes your metabolism and supports natural glucose absorption. Our capsules contain ingredients that can reduce body weight, reduce fat absorbed from our everyday diet, reduce fat stored in the liver and improve cholesterol levels and reduce the absorption of carbohydrates!

Promotes Metabolic Function:
When there is less sugar circulating in the blood, the body is prompted to consume fatty acids for an alternate fuel source instead that supports metabolic processes. It may contribute positively to the body’s natural insulin sensitivity, an important metabolic health factor that’s associated with an ideal weight.

Support Immune System:
Avoid cravings throughout the day without experiencing hunger pains, and at the same time maintaining your normal energy levels! Feel lighter by providing your immune system the nutrients and energy it needs. Boost your metabolism with Green Coffee Bean Extract.

Metabolize Sugar & Excess Fat:
Metabolize sugar and excess fat in a more efficient way with Green Coffee Bean Extract and feel lighter on your toes with consistent use. Helps in the balancing of blood sugar levels so that you will feel at ease throughout the day. Supercharge your natural ideal weight goals with GLP Green Coffee Bean Extract!

Potent Hunger Suppressant:
Manage your hunger and get rid of troublesome cravings with green coffee bean capsules. These potent hunger suppressants make you more satiated after meals so that you are more likely to stick to your meal plan. It has been known to boost energy and alertness.

Healthy Immune Support:
Have more energy while feeling and looking great by taking our green coffee bean capsules, a high concentration supplement. Our green coffee bean capsules contain healthy ingredients that help protect the immune system and provides the defense to your overall body.

  • Weight Managing Formula: Green Coffee Bean Extract could be a complement to a healthy lifestyle that incorporates a calorie-reduced diet and regular physical activity for individuals involved in a weight management program.
  • Supports Overall Health: Green coffee bean extract also helps maintain healthy blood flow levels, supports cardiovascular health, helps in reducing weight, and provides energy. It supports brain health, mental focus, and clarity. Helps you to create hunger and food cravings.
  • Cognitive Enhancer: Improve focus and mental sharpness with green coffee capsules which work as brain supplements for memory and cognitive function to give you that extra performance edge. Get glowing skin with green coffee by locking in moisture and helps to protect the skin.
  • Promotes Energy Level: These capsules are packed with energy-boosting nutrients. We take great care to source green coffee bean extract for reducing weight and support healthy blood sugar levels. This powder is low-calorie, sugar-free, and vegan-friendly.
  • Enhance Metabolism Activity: Break down stubborn body fat at the source with our Green Coffee Bean supplement, the most premium quality fat reducing capsules on the market! These fast-acting diet capsules enhance metabolism activity for easier, faster slimming.

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