GLP Unisex Lightweight Sneaker - Breathable & Comfortable - Non-Slip Outsole - Ergonomic Design


Our Go Lean Pro Lightweight Sneakers are made for exercise and sports, but they're also very popular everyday shoes because they're so comfortable. Sneaker, which is most common in the daily life, comes from their noiseless rubber soles, perfect for sneaking. Lightweight construction with breathable mesh fabric for maximum comfort and performance. High-quality EVA sole for traction and exceptional durability.

What makes our midsole special? A breathable material and midsole composite foamed the adaptive cushion and response of this material tailors to match your sporting demands; you will be able to absorb high impact force shocks and constant repetitive impacts equally as proficiently.

The lightweight sneaker is suitable for road running, camping, outdoor jogging, walking, fitness, weight training, and many more physical exercises. Take with you men’s gym training shoes and then match with a pair of jeans for casual wear.

The memory foam insole is comfortable to touch, absorbs the impact force in motion, reduces the burden on the body. Both upper and sole are soft, can bear or twist and make you move much freely. It feels like you are walking on the clouds.

The workout shoes are soft and comfortable and breathable. They are made with a one-piece knit upper which has more than holes to keep inside dry and clean. At the same time, the uppers made of high-grade textile fabrics are extremely comfortable and malleable. The fashion sneakers fit the men’s and women’s feet perfectly and protect your ankle, tongues, and feet from hurt.

Wearing this sneaker will make you more eye-catching. Ideal for daily life and give your favorite person at Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, Birthday and outdoor. This shoe combines fashion style with all-weather comfort.

  • ERGONOMIC OUTSOLE: The outsole of white sneakers for men and women is durable ultra-material, offering high resilience and lightweight. Slip-resistant rubber outsole provides impact cushioning, anti-twist, abrasion-resistant, and anti-slip performance.
  • BREATHABLE & COMFORTABLE: The breathable inner of these walking sneakers for women and men can give you exceptional support and optimizes the unique properties of every touch and push. Moisture-wicking mesh for maximum airflow and breathability to prevent foot odor.
  • DURABLE PERFORMANCE: Whether you spend your time exercising on treadmills, or you prefer road running, our shoes will provide you with excellent breathability and expansive airflow. You will be able to keep your feet cool and dry during running and other demanding activities and sports.
  • STABLE SUPPORTING SYSTEM: These comfortable men’s running shoes have a capacity that provides incredible support to protect your feet and avoid injury in sports. This hold strengthens the mesh fabric support, allowing the shoe to move smoothly with the foot from heel-strike to toe-off.
  • NON-SLIP OUTSOLE: The non-slip texture at the bottom helps you feel more comfortable and ensures your safety in movement. When you take exercise, the breathable upper will expand with your feet, making you feel more comfortable and non-slip.

Size table (Men)

US size Eur Size Feet length(mm)
3 35 233
4 36 239
5 37 246
5.5 38 252
6.5 39 257
7 40 263
8 41 270
8.5 42 276
9.5 43 283
10 44 289
11 45 296
12 46 302
12.5 47 312
13.5 48 318

Size table (Women)

US size Eur Size Feet length(mm)
4.5 35 233
5.5 36 239
6.5 37 246
7 38 252
8 39 257
8.5 40 263
9.5 41 270
10 42 276
11 43 283
11.5 44 289
12.5 45 296
13.5 46 302
14 47 312
15 48 318

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